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  • Q. Why do I need a Brake Buddy® system?

    1. Many people are deciding to tow a vehicle behind their motorhomes. A towed vehicle becomes "dead weight" behind a motorhome and will push on the coach as it tries to slow down or stop. In many cases, the towed vehicle can put so much stress on the motor coach's brakes that they may fade or completely fail. The additional weight of the towed vehicle also greatly increases the distance it takes to stop the motorhome. The Brake Buddy® takes the entire weight of the towed vehicle off the motor coach's overburdened brakes. The Brake Buddy® greatly reduces your stopping distance by reducing the added weight of the towed vehicle for a safer more secure stop.
  • Q. Will this system ride the brakes down steep grades?

    1. No. The Brake Buddy® applies the brakes in the towed vehicle only when you apply the brakes in the motorcoach. Downshifting or using exhaust brakes may activate the system if enough inertia is created.
  • Q. Will the Brake Buddy® wear down my car battery?

    1. No. Brake Buddy® II models come with a Towed Vehicle Battery Charger that when installed and the towed vehicle connected to the motorhome will keep the towed vehicle’s battery charged.
  • Q. My towed vehicle engine is not running. Will the Brake Buddy® still have the power to operate the brakes with no vacuum assist?

    A. Yes. The Brake Buddy® is specifically designed to work while the towed vehicle is not running.

  • Q. Is the Brake Buddy® a proportional system?

    1. The Brake Buddy® is an inertia-activated system designed for on/off applications, taking the entire weight of the towed vehicle off your motorhome every time it activates.
  • Q. Since the Brake Buddy® is an inertia-activated system, will I get any unwanted braking on bumpy roads?

    1. No. The Brake Buddy® uses the highest level of technology available. The unit will not engage unnecessarily on bumpy roads, bridges or railroad tracks.
  • Q. Is the Brake Buddy® easily transferable between most vehicles?

    1. Yes. Brake Buddy® portable systems are small, lightweight and fully adjustable to accommodate the different needs of each towed vehicle regardless of size. If you have more than one towed vehicle, each vehicle will need the Brake Buddy® II Dash Mount Connector and Brake Buddy® II Break-Away System installed for the braking system to work properly.
  • Q. How does the Brake Buddy® interact with my anti-lock braking system (ABS)?

    1. When the engine of the towed vehicle is not running, the ABS, which is an electrical feature, is not functioning. If the ignition is on but the engine is off, ABS is active.

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