Top Reasons you Need a BrakeBuddy®

  • Helps prevent accidents by reducing overall stopping distance by 50% in a panic stop
  • Prevents excessive wear on your motorhome brakes
  • Keeps you safe and legal wherever you travel
  • More units sold than all other units combined with Industry’s Best Warranty BrakeBuddy® Break-Away System brings vehicle to a complete stop when towed vehicle detaches from Motorhome
  • Easily installs in Minutes
Tech Support

BrakeBuddy® Support

Call for one on one advice about your braking needs or view our common questions. Call the braking experts at 1-800-470-2287.

Towing Laws

It's the law - Interactive map

It's not only where you live, it's also where you are going. Find the weight requirements for areas you will be traveling to with our Interactive map. Be safe. Be legal.