Vantage™ Break-Away System

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  • Required by most state and provincial towing laws
  • In the event your towed vehicle separates from the motorhome, the Break-Away System will apply the brakes of the towed vehicle bringing it to a controlled stop

* The Vantage™ Break-Away System is included when you purchase a BrakeBuddy® Vantage™ unit

How it works...Easy as 1,2,3!

1. Mount the junction box at the front of your towed vehicle.
2. Install the wiring harness from the Breakaway, through the firtewall, to the junction box.
3. Attach the steel cable from your motorhome to the junction box receptacle.
4. In the event your towed vehicle ever detaches from the motorhome, the steel cable pulls the receptacle out of the junction box. This activates the BrakeBuddy which stops the towed vehicle. The BrakeBuddy will continue to apply the brakes until the receptacle is reconnected to the junction box.

Vantage™ Break-Away System
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