Our Commitment

Most Trusted

Invented in 1996, BrakeBuddy® has put more units on the road than all other competitors combined. In fact, BrakeBuddy® has over 1 billion miles of safety experience.

Why do more people choose BrakeBuddy®? We believe it's the result of our strong commitment to offering the most reliable Auxiliary Braking System. Each unit is 100 percent tested before shipment in our ISO/TS 16949:2002 certified manufacturing facility. We guarantee quality and back it up with a three-year warranty.

Best Performance

BrakeBuddy® has pioneered RV auxiliary braking through continuous enhancement of our products. We give you and your loved ones optimum roadway safety. BrakeBuddy® provides the right braking force when you need it, without any built-in delays. Our units are highly advanced with sophisticated terrain sensing technology. Each unit is equipped with a breakaway kit to protect other motorists, as well as your investment, in the event the dinghy separates from the motorhome.

Easiest to Use

We go beyond best performance and provide you with easy-to-use products. Our compact design fits into ALL towed vehicles. BrakeBuddy® is non-invasive, meaning no modifications to your vehicle are required. As the lightest brake-in-the box system at 12 pounds, BrakeBuddy® is simple to place and manage. It can be easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle. With BrakeBuddy®, you can buy a new vehicle without having to buy anew braking system.

Set Up Easy as 1,2,3.

BrakeBuddy® units are specially designed for easy installation (initial install time is 15-30 minutes). The set up is even easier, taking only a few additional minutes.

Step one Step two Step three

Step 1: Set the BrakeBuddy® on the driver's side floor in front of the seat and attach the clevis to the brake pedal.

Step 2: Adjust the driver's seat forward to touch the BrakeBuddy's® adjustable handle.

Step 3: Plug in the 12-Volt power and breakaway cord. Verify the program settings and then you're safe with your mind at ease so you can focus on having fun.

BrakeBuddy® provides you with shorter stops, but we never stop short in providing you with first-class service. Our Customer Service Representatives are eager to assist you answer any questions. Please give us a call at 1-800-470-2287.