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Satisfied customer's email

It's great to find a company that actually has excellent customer service!
I have been telling all my rving friends about how great you were to replace
the part for me and how helpful you were on the phone.

Dianne Walker

Satisfied customer letter sent to Trailer Life Magazine

I'm letting you know how well I was treated by one of the companies that advertise with you. I bought a Brake Buddy from (formerly) Concepts Inc. in the summer of 1998. Recently it developed an air leak and the compressor was running too hot. I called Dan Decker and he told me to send it in. Today I received it from them, like new, with an updated compressor installed. The invoice said NO CHARGE, so I called Dan to see if a mistake had been made. He informed me that I have a three-year warranty. I tried to pay the UPS freight, but he wouldn't hear of it.

Not only does the Brakebuddy perform to my satisfaction without any electrical hookups, except plugging into the lighter, the company backs the products to the hilt. If anyone needs a brake controller for his towed vehicle, I suggest calling (formerly) Concepts.

B. Rule, Anchorage Alaska

Expedited order prompts letter to Motor Home Magazine

Just a follow up to your article in the April issue of Motor home. We had been contemplating the purchase of a brake system for our toad. The toad is a '95 sable, which is put behind a 34 ft. Ford chassis, class A motor home. I really did not like the idea of splicing into the existing brake system of either vehicle, and the string system didn't look workable. In January, we were ready to leave for Florida and I saw an ad for the Brakebuddy, by (formerly) Concepts. I called them Monday, and they were able to overnight the unit to me, and we were ready to leave on Thursday, as planned.

We had good driving conditions down I-75, from Michigan to Florida. I left the unit set as was set at the factory. The system worked really good. We went form Jacksonville to Sumpterville, and left the unit off the toad, to see how much difference the stopping was. I could not believe the difference. When the unit was attached, I believe that the stopping distance was shorter than with the motor home alone.

It is such an easy unit to work with. You set it on the floor of the drivers seat, clamp the clevis around the brake, with the 2 screws, slide the unit forward, slide the seat up to the unit, plug it into the cigar lighter. The air compressor will take a minute to fill, hit the test button and you are ready to roll. I don't think that it takes three minutes to hook up or remove the unit.

As you can see, I am completely sold on the unit and would not drive without it. They now have the BrakeAway completed and the total Brakebuddy and BrakeAway are certified for use in Canada. The people that I have dealt with at (formerly) Concepts are the most cooperative and friendly people that you would want to work with.

D. R. Nie, Manager

From an experienced RV'r

Just a quick note from an experienced RV'r to keep you updated on my practical experience with the Brakebuddy.

We recently completed five weeks on the road covering over 3,800 miles of Western and North Western real estate. We were in 16 campgrounds and traveled 8 states which all adds up to a lot of connecting and disconnecting of the towed vehicle. The more experience we have with the Brakebuddy, the faster and easier it is to use.

One experience in particular was on a rainy interstate in Oregon outside Rosenburg when I was passed by a small pickup truck. I didn't see him coming up on my left until he cut in front of me to make the exit he was about to pass up. He cut me off. missing my front bumper by only a few inches. Had it not been for the Brakebuddy, I know the resulting accident would have been very costly for us both in time and money and perhaps even fatal for the driver of the pickup. My wife credited my driving skills with avoiding a serious accident, but when I felt the added stopping power of my Brakebuddy I knew it wasn't any skill on my part that I was able to avoid a certain collision. It has already paid for itself with this one incident. If we ever have any doubt about the value of the system, the issue was resolved in that instant. It is the cheapest insurance we ever had.

Brakebuddy may not be the best thing to come to RV accessory equipment in recent years, but it is near the top of my list.

R. M. Lewsader

Tinkerer loves his BrakeBuddy

I have just returned from installing and testing a device on my tow car that could save me money for brakes on my RV and possibly a lot more, an accident.

The unit is called a Brakebuddy. It sits on the floor of my tow car, a '96 Saturn station wagon with automatic transmission. It takes less than 3 minutes to install, plug into the cigar lighter and clamp to brake pedal and you're ready to go.

The first stop I made surprised me. It was at a stop sign at the bottom of the hill in front of my house. I've stopped there many times before with and without a tow car. This time I stopped easier, quicker and with less effort. It was amazing.

The Brakebuddy has a built-in air compressor with gauge and regulator. When activated, the air cylinder connected to the brake pedal presses it to stop the car. I found that a pressure of 40 pounds worked best for my size car, it weighs 2300 lbs. One other adjustment is made. The sensitivity which translates to activating at every stop, no matter how slight, to panic stops. There are 5 positions for this knob.

I added for this test a light in my RV connected to one of the stop lights on the Saturn. With this light I could see when the brakes came on and not just feel them stopping.

I tested the unit for 3-1/2 hours trying all sorts of stops with different adjustments. To say it exceeded my expectations is an understatement. It stopped in 1/2 the distance or less with the Brakebuddy.

K. R. Day

Happy in the Adirondacks

I purchased a Brakebuddy system, including the Breakaway and the remote including transmitter during the FMCA Rally in West Springfield, MA last month. I have found the system very easy to set up and excellent in the braking operation.

Earlier this month I towed my Honda CR/V wagon (3,100 lb.) behind my Adventurer Motor Home for an entire week in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. The rolling hills gave the Brakebuddy a good workout to say the least. I am very satisfied with your product and highly recommend it to those towing vehicles behind their motor home.

Thank you for making a good braking system.

W. J. Glander

Nod of approval from British Columbia

Just had a verbal approval and vote of confidence from our motor vehicle inspector testing the Brakebuddy. The tests have proved that the Brakebuddy greatly improves the stopping distance of a motor home especially when towing a heavy motor vehicle and improves the stability and safety when towing a lighter motor vehicle.

Please regard this as an initial confirmation that the Brakebuddy has proven itself as a viable system for reducing stopping distances of motor homes when towing motor vehicles.

B. Mikkelsen, Vehicle Inspection Section
Commercial Transport and Inspection Department
Ministry of Transportation & Highways
British Columbia.

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