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Apart from your home, your motorhome may be your largest investment. We know that what is inside is even more valuable … you and your family. Getting you where you want to go … safely … is our mission. It is our singular focus. It is our passion.

The appeal of the RV lifestyle is undeniable. Increasing numbers of us are venturing into it each year. The vast majority of us who drive motorhomes travel while towing a vehicle. The fact is, the brakes on your motorhome were designed to stop the coach and its contents … but not the added weight of a towed vehicle. The weight of your towed vehicle significantly increases your stopping distance, which increases the risk of an accident. That is why states and provinces across North America have passed laws that require you to have an auxiliary braking system.

A dozen years ago, the only option you had was an invasive and expensive braking system. Back then, we saw the opportunity to create a powerful, yet easy to use auxiliary braking system that was not invasive. One that was lightweight and could be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. We invented what RVers now call the brake-in-the-box system. We have more BrakeBuddy® units on the road than all other systems combined. In fact, we have over1billion miles of safety. This kind of experience has allowed us to make consistent improvements .... making BrakeBuddy® the best performing, easiest to use and most reliable braking system available.


New Advanced Technology

As the pioneers of the industry we strive to deliver the greatest safety and convenience. This has led us to the creation of the new BrakeBuddy Vantage Select™, the most sophisticated, most advanced technology in auxiliary braking.

The Vantage Select™ is the only portable braking system that allows you to choose between Full and Proportional braking at the touch of a button. Choose Full or Proportional braking or adjust braking modes based on different road conditions. No matter your preference the Vantage Select™ is always the right choice.

We invite you to learn more about the BrakeBuddy® family of braking products. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call us. Our technical service people are happy to help you (800) 470-2287. We hope that you become as passionate about your safety as we are!

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Call for one on one advice about your braking needs or view our common questions. Call the braking experts at 1-800-470-2287.

Towing Laws

It's the law - Interactive map

It's not only where you live, it's also where you are going. Find the weight requirements for areas you will be traveling to with our Interactive map. Be safe. Be legal.